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-Born: 6.4.1980
-Height: 170 cm
-Weight: 67 kg
-Home: Rovaniemi
-School: Classes 1-9 (1987-1996) in Rovaniemi. Gymnasium (1996-1999) in G‰llivare, Sweden.
-Studies: Economics in the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi.
-Coach: Christian Bruesch
-Physical coach: Michael Bont
-Ski club: Santa Claus Ski Team
-Football club: Rovaniemen Palloseura (Football Club Rovaniemi)
-2 big brothers
-Favourite food: Mum's home made food
-Favourite colour: Blue
-Hobbies: All kind of sport, especially football, badminton, orienteering. Also chess.
-I collect: Post cards of polar bears.
-Best movie: The Lord of the Rings
-Best book: Must be the Lord of the Rings (huge book for me to read but I made it!)
-Personality: Positive, happy person. I have my goals and I go for them.

About my job:

- I followed my big brothers to alpine ski slopes in the age of three. I skied my first race when I was four.
-The youngest class was under nine year old girls so I spent quite a few years in this class.
-I enjoy about the speed in alpine skiing. I like to be outside and you never have a same kind of a day or snow conditions or weather.

About my hobbies:

-Football has always been my favourite hobby. I started playing in a team when I was six years old and I still play few games every summer.
-I won three times Finnish Championships in football technique competitions (individual) 1993-1995.
-Orienteering is really good endurance training for me. When I don't find the best way from a control point to another it's even better :) And it's fun!
-So no bets accepted in orienteering but I'm always ready to take a challenge in badminton or chess.

About travelling:

-I get to know well high ways, roads, airports, slopes and hotels.
-There is usually no time for sightseeing but for sure you see different cultures and countrys when you keep your eyes open.
-Competitions in 9 countrys on season 2012/2013.